Highs and Lows

Well, the good news is that the kidney levels are dropping and starting to come back to normal. The bad news is that the liver enzymes are still high and the pancreas is playing games, so he’s not coming home today. The horrible news is that in his doctor’s opinion, if he were to come home today and be taken off the IV, he probably wouldn’t make it to Monday.

That’s a hard blow to take when only a week ago we were shooting for six months and praying for twelve. We brought Sophie in to see him today and she immediately tried to join him in his bed, and we’re going back in this afternoon with a lamb chop and a hot dog to see if he may be interested in eating, and some grass from his favorite spot at the park.

Still, it’s encouraging at least to see some kind of return to normalcy. We’re keeping him on the IV for another couple days to see if they come down more, and to give him a fighting chance.

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