One gyro, everything; one gyro, plain.

Just wanted to give a brief update on old boy … he’s still in the hospital tonight, but not on an IV. He drinks water like a mad man, but still won’t eat, most likely due to the roller coaster his pancreas has him on. He has about a gallon and a half of fluid in his belly, and there’s a (pitting) edema going on in his rear legs. This, coupled with the anemia, makes walking really difficult. The surgeon handling his case right now is having me come in a couple times per day to get him up and walking for a few minutes. He won’t walk for them, but the trooper will soldier on for me. It’s hard to watch him sway and stagger down the sidewalk, but damn, the boy’s still going and wants to keep going more.

We tried loads of foods on him today … normal dog kind of food but also deli meats like roast beef, turkey, and chicken. On my way to the vet, I passed a Mr. Gyro, so I thought “Why not?” and walked in … “two gyros, one with everything, one completely plain.” Dexter loves kabob … the smell, the grease, who knows? Same damn reason I love them, I suppose … we know it’s bad for us, but oh man, what a small price to pay for such decadence.

Tonight, though, he wasn’t so interested in actually eating one … he *wants* what you have, but as soon as you bring it to him, his pancreas screams “NOOOooo!!!” and he turns his face away. I do not suffer the same ailment, and the gyro with everything was quickly dispatched.

Medical news: kidney levels back to normal … yes, NORMAL. One pancreatic level back to normal … YES, NORMAL … and the other dropping. Apparently, the latter one lags the first, so this is to be expected, and we’re thinking it will drop as well over the next few days. Fluid … well, that’s insane. He’s swollen like a balloon. My amazing wife Michelle spent half an hour massaging his back legs today, trying to get the fluid out of the joints so he would have an easier time walking.

Prognosis: none. But, I will happily say that if all continues to go as it has, he’ll be coming home tomorrow. We can’t wait.

One thought on “One gyro, everything; one gyro, plain.

  1. Was just informed that Dexter’s leg massage was for 45 minutes, not 30. Never short change a Pinay named Michelle. 🙂

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